Trensant Leverages Unstructured and Structured Data

Considering that data volume is set to grow at over 800% in next 5 years, and 80% will be unstructured (Gartner, 2016 ) leading AI companies are ready to provide a new level of insights for companies to set a true strategic advantage for themselves.

The opportunity is now and companies to need to respond in order to capitalize not the technology that will propel strategic decisions and set apart customers responsiveness. For example, unstructured data is growing twice as fast as structured data, at 62 % yearly (IDG, 2017) and most companies are not prepared.

Trensant uses intuitive AI to revolutionize the way businesses stay ahead of their competition. Users tap into Trensant’s real-time data analytics to evaluate key performance metrics within their industry, market and sentiment changes, and make actionable strategy decisions before their competition is aware of any shifts.


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