Making sense of the world

Connections and relationships are how we humans learn and make sense of the world. Therefore, the best way to understand something — a person, company, product or an event — is to see it in relation to other things. When you can see the relationships that connect to every topic you care about, you understand it better. So you make better decisions.


We make AI easy for you to use. Our algorithms read 86,000 sources, a total of 3 billion facts per month. Trensant incorporates the Web, social media, public databases and even your own documents or files if you want. Then our AI connects all of this to think for you.

We automate the discovery of connections that no one else is aware of. When you are OMNIpotent, not even the experts can see what you see. You are a super expert. A super investor. A super analyst.

Because we help you discover things you need to know:

◦ Hidden patterns. (What is causing the fluctuations or changes?)

Signals in the noise. (Is this a new opportunity, product, customer, a pitch angle ??)

Changes you must know about. (Is this a brewing catastrophe?)

Insights (What may be influencing a stock that others don’t recognize?)

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