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Procter and Gamble

Industry: Consumer Goods and Retail

Challenges: Poor insight into key media influencers. Lack of real-time data and tangible sentiment metrics to predict market impact.

Risks: Long-term impact on stock and brand of negative trending perceptions.

User: PR and Brand Manager
Client: Procter & Gamble. Major Consumer Goods Corporation
Challenge: Stock Dropped, Revenue Dropping, Negative SM, and News, Looking for Causality behind falls over past 2 weeks.

Trensant Success:  Increased media efficiency. Successfully distanced brand from negative news. Addressed boycotts through social outreach.

Trensant's OmniView enabled our team to discover the cause behind customer product boycotts.
Action: Team reached out to these Social Media channels with positive response to the concerns.

Trensant's OmniView uncovered cause behind Stock and Revenue Drop.
Action: Team moved advertising campaigns from Fox with Sean Hannity to new Morning News program.

Trensant's OmniView uncovered the connection between P&G and an accused child molester in national media.
Action: Team responded proactively by reaching our to our media relationships on sponsored articles and placed ads.

Trensant's OmniView improved our Social Media listening with identification of top media influencers.
Action: Team augmented our campaign strategy to incorporate the top influencers in our PR.

Trensant's OmniView revealed top geographies producing negative reviews of he brand and products.
Action: Worked with our teams in key greographices: NH and Wyoming on new Brand Ads.



  • Brand Reputation Concerns
  • Increasing volume of Negative Social Media and News
  • Inability to locate sources of alpha from unstructured textual data
  • Lack of holistic 360 degree view on national and global markets
  • Bias due to Lack of intelligence on intent and relationships between different parties and entities.
  • Need to coalesce High volume of disparate data
  • Disconnected knowledge and information
  • Decreasing Competitive Advantage
  • Time-to-Decisions is extensive
  • Turn leads into prospects

Discussion Summary

Trensant Discussion Summaries show the leading issue is related to Customer Service. This can help Marketers direct their Social and PR programs toward the IMAGE of the company. They can use these charts and data to investigate the causes behind these numbers to respond proactively.

Mood Timeline

Word Cloud Research

As you narrow the Word Cloud to view Prominent Negative Words on November 11, you see strength of Hannity and the Hashtag #roymoorechildmolester. These can be scary connections for a large brand like P&G. This leads you to investigate the connection and allows you to uncover CAUSE so the Marketing team can react.


Trensant Uncovers

Trensant shows the media channels which are key to P&G PR and Media programs. The Trensant system can extract the key posts, articles and news which will drive our strategic programs and help us to stay ahead of our competitors with brand management.