Connecting Information in Real Time

At Trensant, we realized that most of the data in the world is unstructured (80% by CBInsights) and growing. There was no way for a human to read and process and most importantly prioritize and connect all this info together.  We wished there was a consolidated news service that also provided connected analysis so we made Trensant. This was a tough nut because people usually ask about specific concrete items, like “Donald Trump”, or “Cisco Systems” but the data about those topics was buried in millions of articles and 3rd party data sources.

Where was the place we just get the answers?  It turns out that we needed to design software to read those articles, connect all the information -in real time- and then we would have those answers. This what became the Trensant Knowledge graph – the best connected real-time knowledge system in the world.  It digests the world so you don’t have to.”

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