Connecting Information in Real Time

At Trensant, we realized that most of the data in the world is unstructured (80% by CBInsights) and growing. There was no way for a human to read and process and most importantly prioritize and connect all this info together.  We wished there was a consolidated news service that also provided connected analysis so we made…

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Making sense of the world

Connections and relationships are how we humans learn and make sense of the world. Therefore, the best way to understand something — a person, company, product or an event — is to see it in relation to other things. When you can see the relationships that connect to every topic you care about, you understand…

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Trensant Leverages Unstructured and Structured Data

Considering that data volume is set to grow at over 800% in next 5 years, and 80% will be unstructured (Gartner, 2016 ) leading AI companies are ready to provide a new level of insights for companies to set a true strategic advantage for themselves. The opportunity is now and companies to need to respond…

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Orien Investment Firm

Finance Analyst

Portfolio Optimized

Discovered Key Disruptor Opportunities

Industry: Finance

Delivered real-time insights into future direction of disruptor stocks. Delivered connected knowledge for competitive advantage with key analytics and trend reports.


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Procter and Gamble

Brand Manager

Mystery Solved

Minimize Risk with Brand Analytics

Industry: Consumer Goods

Identified key influencers to improve media outreach programs to resolve brand reputation risks. Discovered cause of boycotts through social outreach and successfully distanced brand from negative news.


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