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Augment Securities

Industry: Venture Capital

Challenges: Lack of data insights to identify leading disruptors in the IoT/Security industry to expand Technology Portfolio. Lack of competitive analytics to evaluate  potential investment opportunities.

Risks: Loosing competitive advantage as industry leaders use real-time insights into stocks with predictive indicators of future direction. Customers loosing confidence that Augment Securities can accurately predict changes based on market sentiment.

User: Managing Director
Target Clients: Tech Savvy Investors
Challenge: Lack of 360 Degree View on Data, Increasing Competitors, Analysis Bias, Growth Stifled
Trensant Success: Verified intangible data to evaluate investment decisions and monitor portfolio performance.

Trensant’s OmniView created a 360 degree holistic Market Surveillance program.
Action: Our team was able to broaden our portfolio and scope of investment opportunities.

Trensant’s OmniView delivered real time alpha on the S&P 500 with scored sentiment.
Action: Team delivered valuable connectivity analytics and 65 potential alpha scored events.

Trensant’s OmniView uncovered early indicators of consumer intent.
Action: Trade Intelligence was ahead of the competition gaining additional revenue.

Trensant’s OmniView accelerated our Discovery process and Time-to-Value.
Action: Sales team won 3 new opportunities based on Speed to Market Wins.

Trensant’s OmniView provided valuable investigatory information and higher returns.
Action: Improved Decision Making resulting in improved client retention.

Trensant’s OmniView produced enriched industry data sets integrated with Client data.
Action: Discovered key business opportunities in Disruptors field surpassing competitors.


Augment Securities

Knowing the IoT industry is projected to reach a value of over a trillion dollars by 2020, Augment Securities is interested in identifying the Disruptors for potential investment to expand their portfolio in this field.

Managing Director, Steve Hayes, used Trensant to investigate several startups companies to reap the benefits of this explosion for their venture capital firm. Augment Securities is looking to find the top 3 IoT companies which are crucial for building Smart Cities in the US.

Trensant provides the tools for Augment Securities to track each leader in the IoT industry for a 360 degree view on the opportunities. Below are a few of the leaders that Augment Securities has selected to monitor, compare and to uncover insights to help them make the right decisions for their portfolio and for their clients.


Financial & Media Summary

Transent OmniView provides data insights which empower Augment Securities with the intelligence to evaluate the financial summaries of each potential investment. The deeper and broader level of intelligence delivered by the Trensant AI platform can be shared with their clients thereby distinguishing them from their competitors. Steve Hayes has focused in on two leaders, Skyworks and Zebra to evaluate their current investment status, media analysis, and additional insights found through valuable channels like social media.

Skyworks Financial and Media Summary

Zebra Financial and Media Summary

Trust Factors

Trust is one of the crucial factors when assessing companies as potential investments. Transient OmniView lets Steve Hayes of Augment Securities do a side by side comparison to evaluate a broad range of crucial consideration for investors such as Trust. Trensant delivers data in real-time and provides easy to use tool to do a side-by-side comparison of factors like Trust. Zebra is just edging out Skyworks when it comes to Trust in their business and platform at a high-level, but this is not a complete story. Augment Securities looks deeper using Trensant OmniView to also understand what how future projections by media could impact potential investment decisions. 

Media Research

Transient OmniView is a powerful Research tool for companies like Augment Securities to investigate the real story with real-time data. Here we uncover some valuable information related to the Positive & Negative Media around the 2 leading IoT companies for Steve's evaluation. 

How Trensant Helps

How Trensant helps Augment Securities at so many stages in their investigation and analysis of Portfolio development and growth. Augment Securities is empowered with the keys to deliver a strong competitive advantage to their own investors. 

The Trensant Advantage:

  • Uncovers opportunities and insights.
  • Faster to identify disruptors.
  • Faster to find investment opportunities.
  • We can evaluate the trust factor among current clients.
  • Discover Leading Industry Experts predictions on Company futures.
  • Abilities to read 5mm tweets, posts, blogs per day provides strong competitive advantage for Augment Securities.
  • Trensant Filters thousands of submissions and identifies true disruptors.