Trensant Turns Data into Connected Knowledge

Trensant reads 85,000+ data sources daily
so that our customers don’t have to.

The Trensant knowledge graph covers millions of topics, companies, products, and key people, and has events, locations, and concepts so that when a document mentions anything from Hurricane Harvey to Mens Rea, to Cristiano Ronaldo, to IBM we can connect it.

Trensant Products

The Trensant Knowledge Graph provides real-time insights for our customers in the financial, risk management, and marketing industries. Customers pull information via our direct API, web dashboard or via custom reports to save time and see correlations or predictive insights that weren't possible before.


All of these topics contain up-to-date news feeds, metadata, and even time-series such as topic-appropriate data such as stock price, social sentiment, or population. All topics in our graph also have deep-labeled connectivity so our customers can see how different topics are related or affect each other via API.

Trensant News

See Trensant in action via our live news feed which provides analysis of each article and pages to all the topics we cover including news feeds dedicated to each topic and analytics!


Trensant tracks all the top cryptocurrencies. See them in action, including price and trending information on our crypto-news portal. Trensant also supplies an index of the top 100 cryptocurrencies by capitalization(rebalanced daily via our algorithms). We call this the TCX100 index. Each currency also has a built-in news feed and trend analytics.


Diving Advanced Insights and Predictive Analytics from Connected Knowledge in Real-Time. Trensant ingests any data, text or structured, to find connections and patterns across many dimensions on over 85,000 data sources to find Hidden Patterns, Signals, Change, and Insights.


Knowledge Graph ™️

By bridging the gap between structured and unstructured data, Knowledge Graph® tracks millions of real-world topics across 25,000 data sources to process contextual information about people, places, things, and events, including:

  • 3.6 million topics
  • 162,000 topic families
  • 11 million+ relationships

5 Patents & 4 Pending

Real-Time Processing at Scale

  • 5.4M articles & posts per day
  • 150M documents per month
  • 4B articles & growing

Data Enrichment with Leading Databases

Trensant partners with leading database providers enriching textual data with curated sources of information. Examples include:

  • Database America – Company Information & Firmographics
  • US Census Data – Demographics & Local Trends
  • UPC Database – Product & Brand Information
  • Open Street Maps – Location Information
  • And many others…

Use Cases

See how the amazing Trensant customers are using the Knowledge Graph and Trensant’s advanced predictive analytics to discover new insights and take action to improve customer sentiment, perform brand analytics to minimize risks or maximize revenue growth. 


Trensant KnowledgeGraph in Action

Industry: Retail Healthcare

Delivered customized reports with open API using structured & dynamic data mapping to connected knowledge to identify trends across companies, products, people, events and even industries in real time. Trensant dashboard presents predictive analytics to measure billions of data points that impact strategic decisions.


Optimizing Portfolio Performance

Industry: Finance

Provided real-time financial analytics to measure contextual sentiment turning big data into meaningful trading decisions with greater results and monitor and manage portfolio performance on an ongoing basis. Delivered custom dashboard reporting on a myriad of themes, keywords, and trends behind a particular company or industry-sector.


Finding Early, Profitable Alpha Signals

Industry: Venture Capital

Verified intangible data to evaluate trade decisions and monitor portfolio performance. Delivered connected knowledge with real-time insights into stocks with predictive indicators of future direction. Identified leading disruptors through key data insights in the IoT/Security industry to expand Technology Portfolio.


Investigating Cause of Brand Crisis

Industry: Hospitality

Integrated 100s of disparate data sources to provide insights into crisis management and planning. Revealed data trends which instigated proactive PR and reputation management. Launched early Damage Control Program with specific Geographic insight infusing customer confidence.


Brand Analytics to Minimize Risks

Industry: Consumer Goods

Identified key influencers to improve media outreach programs to resolve brand reputation risks. Discovered cause of boycotts through social outreach and successfully distanced brand from negative news. Increased media efficiency using connected knowledge and trend reports.


Pinpointing Maximum Revenue Growth

Industry: Financial Analyst

Found surprising stock influences providing early buy/sell signals. Verified intangible data to evaluate trade decisions and monitor portfolio performance. Delivered real-time insights into stocks with predictive indicators of future direction. Created competitive differentiators from report analytics.

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